Market Research and Consulting

Market research to create and start-up for new business is a vital part of investment

Market Research

R&K Marketing does not want to offer market research services alone. We also offer consulting services for the development of clients' businesses utilizing the knowledge from our long term of experiences of marketing research, the examples of other companies, and our network of contacts. It is worth far more than the words in a research report. We assist clients in developing new products and new channels, in starting new ventures, and also support sales efforts of our clients. We now strongly recommend to do research for Blue Ocean Strategy to keep away from severe competitive market. We look for the attractive strategic canvas for you.

Demand research for exploring new markets

Sales Consulting Services

Grounded in our survey and research and reflecting the trend in the real marketplace, we offer consulting services and assist you in making the best strategies for starting up a new business or strengthening your sales team. Introduction of Miller Heiman's Total Sales System is also adoptable and effective to build up the exceptional sales force. We offer advice and suggestions backed by our research experiences and database of information accumulated through our business.

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