R&K Marketing, Inc.

Miller Heiman "Strategic Selling®"
Increase your sale revenue by implementing
"Strategic Selling®".

R and K Marketing started for delivering Miller Heiman Programs in1998. Ever since, for nearly 20 years, R and K Marketing has been distribution partner of Miller Heiman in Japan.
The history of Miller Heiman and Miller Heiman Group in Japan is almost identical to the history of R and K Marketing for the last 20 years.

We are working with numerous numbers of company including foreign affiliate firms to install Miller Heiman’s knowhow and sales system in Japan.
We, R & K Marketing, Inc. contribute to strengthen sales force and expand sales revenue for clients.

We have been developed and delivered our original training courses in addition to Miller Heiman’s program to adjust Japanese sales environment. We have been taken advantage of market research interview method when we develop specialized training courses.

Especially, Miller Heiman's three core programs, "Strategic Selling®","Conceptual Selling®" and "LAMPSM (Large Account Management ProcessSM )" are delivered by a certified instructor as well as the new attractive programs like "Executive ImpactSM".
Miller Heiman Group is a global Sales Performance Company. The company's team of world-class sales consultants helps organizations and their sales activity dramatically improve and change sales performance productively through consistent process consulting.

Companies in the world have developed with their unique sales force introduce Miller Heiman's sales process and sales process management. Many Japanese companies as well as foreign companies implement Sales Process of Miller Heiman and get results for their sales effectiveness now.